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“The Voice of an Inward Eye...”

Samaj Sebi Shangha has this year become our third eye.This Puja shines in a new light, the light that they have given us. They have helped our inward eye to create for us the beautiful image of Ma Durga and all the happiness that she brings with her. The freedom of the mind's eye is the right that Ma has given us. No external evil or darkness has the power to enter the divine world we create with our senses of touch and sound that Samaj Sebi have complemented. Our Durga Puja, therefore, is far more beautiful this year. They have assisted our eye and heart to conquer what sight bars us from.

An Appeal for Eye Donation :

A message and appeal from Samaj Sebi Shangha to humanity.

Let not death hide the light in our eyes. A pair of our eyes can bring life and light to two blind souls. Let us pledge to serve God by serving humanity.

When we are done with our responsibilities on earth, let us pass the baton to the ones who are waiting in their dark and wide world. To be able to see the beauties of the world even after death is one of the rarest privileges that we can give ourselves.

We welcome all to participate in one of the most divine humanitarian acts of donating our eyes.