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“O the New, O my Fresh, Green Passionate new innocence....”

Shobuj as Tagore believed is the inherent innocence in a child - fresh, untarnished and green.

In his poem Shobujer Obhijan, Tagore urges society to let the infant minds flow free towards infinite knowledge sourced from their unending curiosity of ‘what’, ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘how’. In present society, we have beautifully wound and bound our green minds into the shackles of institutionalised education. The intent of our endeavour, however, should be to set the unripe young mind free to wander instead of caging it and forcing it to learn already established facts.

People may begin to wonder, but how this a relevant theme for Durga puja? Well, it is so primarily because Maa Durga is the deity of strength, power and determination at the behest of even death. These elements have become needs of the hour. Also, the puja pandal is one place where all people come with their families. It is from the mndap that we can start a revolution in terms of humanism. What better forum would we find to spread our thoughts. The theme of Shobujer Obhijaan upholds the intrinsic value of innocence and humility- features of life that have become needs of the hour.

Samaj Sebi Sangha presents to its audience this notion of ‘the quest of the green mind’ in order to spread awareness about the need to allow children to delve deep, discover and unravel themselves both personally and socially. A common sight today is- a group of children sitting together not having fun among themselves but busy with their elders’ smart phones, absorbed into the virtual world and far, far away from the real here and now. When asked about their actions, they defend: “but i had nothing to speak about”. It is unfortunate that our children have had to bow down to technology. Smart phones have rendered their minds blank and without any curiosity. In the evening, children do not go out to play together and enjoy themselves; they immerse themselves into video games or the few thousand social networking sites that are coming up everyday. What is terrifying is that there will come a time when a person will have only virtual friends to chat with and no real people to talk to. An interesting fact is that researchers have noted that nearly 45% of the social identities are fake, and belong to one and the same person. Psychologists have analysed that this has led to a wide variety of personal identity disorders in contemporary society.

This alienation seems to have brought the onset of what we call the ‘koli joog’- a disastrous end to the human world maybe not literally but definitely socially and as a consequence personally too. Samaj Sebi Sangha strives to try and stagnate the ongoing process of Albert Einstein’s prophecy that the world is becoming home to a generation of idiots, thanks to technology. We must plant the seeds of humility in our coming generations.